Welcome to the ASID Texas Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers 2019 Legacy of Design Competition.  Entries can be entered starting Monday, June 17, at 9:00 A.M CST and will close on Monday July, 15th at 9:00 A.M. CST.

ASID members from all six Design Communities are invited to enter their projects completed in and out of the boundaries of the Texas Chapter. Professional, Allied and Associate members may enter their work for the first time with the NEW DATE RANGE.  The extended time frame allows for designers from San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, El Paso and West Texas to enter projects completed after January 1 of 2015 to current date in 2019. Now 4 years instead of 2.  

For the first time our Media Sponsor, Dallas Style & Design magazine will have 20 pages featuring the winners’ photographs. This magazine is in over 600 Barnes and Noble bookstores, Whole Foods, HEB & more. 

As an additional perk, our own Texas Chapter magazine, Design Texas will feature the winners. This Texas Chapter publication is sent to all Texas Chapter members and Registered Interior Designers throughout Texas to show them that ASID is the place to belong.  Make sure your address is up to date by checking it at  We cannot update your information….it can only be updated by the member online.  If you have a visual or medical issue that requires assistance, contact Membership at National to ask for help.  

If you wish to purchase a $2000 ad in Dallas/Fort Worth Style & Design magazine, you will get a free 14 page (Yes, you read that right, 14 pages) featured article with photos for that price as a member of ASID Texas Chapter.  And Style & Design will send their photographer to do the photo shoot for no charge to you. Check on Photographer’s rights to the photos with the photographer.     

It will be a good marketing investment to enter Legacy of Design. 


After selecting the REGISTER tab above, you will see an 'Association' field listed that is one of the fields that must be completed in order to register. For this field, please select ASID from the first dropdown and Texas from the second dropdown that will appear. You will not have access to the Legacy of Design site without making this selection.






Corporate - Small (<15,000 square feet)
Corporate - Large (>15,000 square feet)
Healthcare - Small (<15,000 square feet)
Healthcare - Large (>15,000 square feet)
Hospitality - Small (<15,000 square feet)
Hospitality - Large (>15,000 square feet)
Sustainable Design
Custom Designed Element
Historic Preservation/Renovation
Adaptive Reuse
Unique Space


New Construction - Entire Residence (Under 5000 square feet)
New Construction - Entire Residence (Above 5000 square feet)
Kitchen (<$30,000)
Kitchen ($30,000-50,000)
Kitchen (>$50,000)
Bathroom (<$30,000)
Bathroom ($30,000-50,000)
Bathroom (>$50,000)
Model Home / Show House
Sustainable Design
Historic Preservation
Custom Designed Element
Unique Space
Universal Design


For questions on login information and registration, please email

All entries are from Texas Chapter ASID members in good standing and for projects that have been completed in the past 4 years. Once logged in, please check out the Tutorial on the Help page and the Entry Criteria page, for more details on submitting your entries.



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